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Published: 24th May 2011
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The World of Warcraft four.0.3 patch lays the foundation for the release of the Cataclysm add-on. So, the Zygor guides have been given a great going over to guarantee that you arent running about inside the dark when Cataclysm arrives, spending hours just to catch up. Even hardcore gamers will uncover the quantity of adjustments to the WOW game daunting at 1st. The Zygor 4.0.3 patch updates make sure that relearning the games new content is as straightforward and as smooth as achievable.

You'll find two major approaches to obtain the Zygor four.0.3 patch updates. It is possible to download the updates manually, or if you're a 1st time buyer, the Zygor Guides 3 come with all the updates included.

The way the Cataclysm is being released is new. The end-game content is being released in stages over a period of months, as opposed to all at once. The new Zygor updates include a software client that will automatically seek out and download further updates from Zygor when they are released. So, you no longer need to worry about keeping your guide up to date manually. Its all done for you.

If youre downloading the Guides as a new user, then installing them is simple and straightforward thanks to the automatic install wizard. It'll locate your WOW directory and install everything you need automatically. There is no want whatsoever to copy and paste directories manually, which can go quite wrong. Once installed, the guides are there, ready to use the next time you double click your WOW icon.

In case you already have guides installed, but want to download the updates to bring you entirely up to date, then there's an upgrade section on the Zygor official website, which will guide you by way of the method of updating. Updates are obtainable for both levelling up as well as the events & dailies guides. Depending on when you bought you guides, you may need to pay a small fee for the updates. (In case you bought them pre-October 7th 2010, then you will have to pay a small fee.) However, when you have the updates and youre running the new guide version three, you will also get the free, lifetime updates from then on. If youre downloading the guide as a brand new customer, the new Zygor Guide three.0 comes with the free updates client built-in.

The Cataclysm extension has turned the entire WOW experience on its head. Zygor guides have worked tirelessly to uncover all of the games new content and bring you the most in-depth and complete guides for WOW found anywhere. A whole host of new features accompany these new updates. A shiny, new, intuitive user interface, a smart injection system, a revamped talent builder, built-in way point system, How Tos for speed gold runs, unlocking dailies, completing achievements, finding all of the most sought after items, and a full guide for all the seasonal events as they're released.

In case you haven't played WOW with a Zygor guide before, it is possible to download a free level 1-25 trial from the official Zygor internet site.

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